Alaska Airlines Devalues Japan Airlines Awards

Alaska Airlines Devalues Japan Airlines Awards

Alaska Airlines has devalued its award pricing for Japan Airlines. This no notice devaluation increases Alaska Mileage Plan pricing for travel to Japan and Southeast Asia by as much as 54%.

It looks like only Business Class awards from the West Coast to Japan are unchanged. But most other redemptions have gone up significantly:

  • Midwest and East Coast to Japan
    • Economy Class : from 35k to 45k
    • Business Class: from 60k to 80k
    • First Class: from 70k to 100k
  • West Coast to Japan
    • First Class: from 70k to 85k
  • Most of USA to Southeast Asia
    • Economy Class : from 37.5k to 57.5k
    • Business Class: from 65k to 100k
    • First Class: from 75k to 100k

Guru’s Wrap-up

This is a massive devaluation for the Alaska Mileage Plan. The program has increased award redemption rates for travel on Japan Airlines without any prior notice. These are not just minor adjustment of what was one of the best uses of Alaska Mileage Plan miles. We’re seeing increases of as much as 54% in some cases.

These changes come just months after Alaska Airlines simplified its award chart. There were hints that we could see higher prices, as the airline noted that the prices listed are “the estimated minimum award prices on one or more of our partner airlines”. That means that prices could be higher.

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