Alaska Airlines Cuts Miles Earning, Adds Flexibility on Saver Fares

Alaska Airlines Cuts Miles Earning, Adds Flexibility on Saver Fares

The Basic Economy option provides passengers with the most affordable airfare but comes with greater restrictions and fewer perks and choices compared to standard economy fares.

Among the various Basic Economy offerings, Alaska Airlines Saver fares have been recognized as one of the top choices. However, some changes have been implemented this week that may disappoint those seeking these low-cost fares. Basic fares will now earn 70% fewer redeemable Alaska MileagePlan miles and 70% fewer Elite-Qualifying Miles.

This information was initially reported by One Mile at a Time and is posted on the Alaska Airlines website.

These Saver fare changes apply to bookings made since Monday, May 22 onwards for flights departing on or after July 19. For Saver fares, only 30% of Base miles and 30% of Elite-Qualifying Miles will be earned.

But , there are also positive updates from Alaska Airlines. Saver fares booked after July 19, 2023 will come with added flexibility. Passengers will be able to cancel their bookings 14 days or more before departure and receive a 50% travel credit along with a full refund of applicable taxes and fees.

Another favorable change is that Alaska Mileage Plan Elites who book Saver fares starting today, for travel from July 19 onwards, will be eligible for complimentary upgrades to First Class and Premium Class on the same day of travel. Previously, this option was not available. Eligible passengers will be notified within two hours of departure if their upgrade request has been granted.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Alaska Airlines has made some changes to their Saver fares, reducing the earning potential by a whopping 70%. That’s clearly a bummer for those of us who love racking up those mileage points.

But Alaska Airlines is also introducing some positive changes such as increased flexibility when it comes to cancellations and complimentary upgrades for Alaska Mileage Plan Elites.

So, despite the setback in earning potential, Alaska Airlines Saver fares are still a decent option when compared to the competition with perks such as carry-on allowances, family seating assurance.

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