Airbnb Luxe – Rent Out Castles, Entire Islands and More

Airbnb added a new tier of home rentals to its website on Tuesday. It’s called Airbnb Luxe. As the name suggests, these properties come with luxuries that you will not see on most other listings, such as concierge services and 24/7 VIP support. This includes local experiences and activities, and a wide range of services from childcare, to private chefs to in-house massage therapists, private gyms and more.

Airbnb Luxe

Airbnb Luxe provides access to unique and spectacular properties with dedicated trip designers to ensure bespoke experiences and services to make every stay truly magical. With homes that are destinations in themselves, travelers can stay at incredible places, including farm-to-table experience of Castello di Vicarello in Tuscany, or the cutting edge, yet eco-friendly design of Te Kahu in New Zealand, or the chef, driver and butler services that come with Grace Bay Residences in Turks and Caicos or even an entire private island in French Polynesia.

Airbnb Luxe is built on the deep expertise in luxury travel Airbnb gained from its acquisition of Luxury Retreats in 2017. This new tier launches with more than 2,000 handpicked homes around the world, each one passing strict evaluation across 300+ criteria to meet standards in both design and function. This includes elevated design standards on a variety of elements, from premium materials & finishes and rare & unique features, to spaces that accommodate groups, highly functional design, chef-grade appliances and the proper amount of bathrooms corresponding to each bedroom. In 2018, Airbnb added two other high-end rental tiers called Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb.

While some Luxe rentals may go for $1,000 per night, others can be as much as $150,000 nightly. The massage therapists, butlers, chefs and housekeeping will usually be tallied up as add-ons to that fee.

If you’re looking to rent these amazing properties, you can also save up to $415 with a new Airbnb account.

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