Airbnb Gets Fancy with ‘Airbnb Plus’ and ‘Beyond by Airbnb’

Airbnb today is rolling out a few new additions aimed at higher-end customers, called Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb. Airbnb Plus has homes that are verified for “quality and comfort”. This was announced a while back and there’s now 2,000 homes that have been inspected against a thorough checklist. The luxury tier, called Beyond by Airbnb, is built around whole trips including hospitality, custom experience and higher-end homes.

Airbnb Plus

The appeal of booking through Airbnb has always been the fact that you get a more local experience and a unique stay instead of a chain hotel. The downside is that you can never be sure what you’ll find when you get there. These new tiers aim to take care of this.

You could always book luxury homes on Airbnb, but you would need to look through photos, reviews and ratings. The new tiers offer customers willing to spend more an opportunity book quickly, the same process they expect when booking through a luxury hotel. They can find a home quickly and they are guaranteed to get some luxury amenities.


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