Get 50% Off Your T-Mobile Bill for 3 Months (3GB Limit)

50% Off Your T-Mobile Bill

Get 50% Off Your T-Mobile Bill for 3 Months

If you have phone service through T-Mobile (or Sprint) you can request 50% off your bill for the next 3 months if you are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Many people have been laid off or have lost income during the pandemic, so any savings right now are a big help.

The discount comes with a catch. You will be limited to 3GB of data for the month, DansDeals says. If you are self isolation, then that is probably not a big issue since you can use WiFi. If you need more data, you can always pay $5 per GB.

It is worth calling in and asking for the discount if you need it. Just make sure it works out for you, especially if you have any types of discount on the account. I’m not sure if they will let you keep those discount during the three months that you are getting 50% off already.

Let me know if it works!

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