T-Mobile to Launch a New $15/Month Plan

T-Mobile connect

T-Mobile to Launch a New $15/Month Plan

T-Mobile is offering a pay-as-you-go plan called Connect, with 2 gigabytes of data and unlimited talk and text for $15 a month. The offer is half the price of the previous one and was scheduled to launch after the company’s takeover of Sprint. T-Mobile will launch its budget Connect plan on Wednesday, March 25th.

There are some drawbacks with this plan obviously. Video streaming on the Connect plan is limited to 480p. And 2GB is really not much nowadays.

Metro by T-Mobile will also begin offering the same plan on Wednesday as well as a $35-per-month hotspot plan with 20GB of data, though the new prices will only apply for the next 60 days, The Verge reports.

Other wireless carriers are also offering cheaper plans or extras during the coronavirus outbreak. Verizon is automatically adding 15 gigabytes of data to its wireless subscribers’ allotments and stopping late fees and disconnections for people affected by the pandemic. AT&T Inc. says it won’t charge customers extra for exceeding their data or calling allotments. If you’re looking for even cheaper plans, Tello prices start at just $5 per month.

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