25% Bonus Earning For Ink Cards With Upcoming Anniversary (Targeted)

Chase is targeting Ink card holders with a 25% bonus of UR points, if their anniversary is coming up. For a 5x purchase for example, besides the usual +1 points and +4 bonus points, there’s also a 25% bonus on all purchases that is applied to the total of Ultimate Rewards earned for that purchase. So those targeted would effectively earn 6 UR points per dollar at Staples or PPDG on eBay.


The bonus is being applied to July purchases and it looks to be targeted for those who have their anniversary in July. Although there’s very data points so far. I checked my cards and I don’t have a bonus, and I didnt have anything three months ago either, on the anniversary of my Ink Plus card.

Check you Ultimate Rewards activity and see if you have the 25% bonus. Apparently Chase is not sending any emails out so far, to notify those who were targeted.

HT: milesfortwo for the info and the photo

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