$200 Target Gift Card For $185 on Ebay Plus More

You can buy a $200 Target gift card for $185 on eBay. There’s a limit of one per account and it will be delivered by mail.


If you were lucky to get the 5x ebay Bucks promo, then this is a great discount. You can flip this purchase and buy eBay gift card from Target with the gift card.

There’s other gift cards on sale as well

Shop at Home is offering 2% cash back for eBay and TopCashBack will give you 1.25% cash back (or match the 2% from ShopAtHome as Steve points out in the comments below). Also you’ll earn points/miles if you use your favorite credit card, or just use the eBay gift cards you’ve already purchased.

12 thoughts on “$200 Target Gift Card For $185 on Ebay Plus More

  1. I bought 2 Ebay gc at a store over 4 hours ago. I am getting the below error message every time I add both of them to an order (each one seems to work fine on its own). Do you have any idea why this is happening?

    We can’t apply this code to your order.

      • No I only have 1 account and I just bought them this morning. In fact whenever I add the second one to the order it doesn’t let me add the first card again (I get the same error message. It doesn’t matter it what order I try.

          • Does it count when I use Ebay gc to purchase Ebay gc? If so, I just took a quick look at my purchase history for the past 6 months and it does seem to be about $5K including purchasing Ebay gc with Ebay gc. That sucks that I’ll have to use my credit card for half of the Target gc. It’s too good of a deal to pass up though. Is there a quick way to see exactly how much of the $5K I have used?

            • I believe it counts. The only way I know is to download your transactions and then filter them to find only those that say

              “Payment from PayPal Gift Card Services, Inc.”

              • I couldn’t find that option so I simply viewed “Payments sent” on PayPal and manually summed up my Ebay purchases between 5/28/15 and now (180 days)and it’s actually slightly over $5K. So should I consider myself lucky that they are letting me apply even 1 $100 Ebay gc? It’s also possible I used a credit card for some of that $5K as it doesn’t show that info on the screen I was at.

                • Top right over transactions, click More
                  Then click download again on top right over transaction.
                  Select all activity

                  Then gift cards should show up in the excel file as
                  PayPal Gift Card Services, Inc. (under Name clomun)
                  Gift Certificates and Cards Redemption (under Type column)

                  • I’ll look into that when I have a chance. After I sent my last message to you I decided to try once more and it let me apply both $100 Ebay gift cards to the order! I had heard about the $5K limit on DoC but completely forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me as I’ll need to start keeping track of how much I’m spending so this problem doesn’t recur. Sometimes it might even be worth skipping those $5 off Ebay gc deals due to this limit.

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