You’ll Only Earn 1% Back In eBay Bucks Starting In 2017

More bad news from eBay Bucks. Starting on January 1, 2017 some new eBay Bucks changes will be taking effect. Ebay says in the email  that they’re making the program more flexible and beneficial for all of their loyalty members, but they sure aren’t.

ebay bucks

Here is a list of the upcoming changes and new benefits:

  • Base earnings are changing from 2% to 1%, now with more ways than ever to earn eBay Bucks
  • From car parts to copiers & you can now earn rewards for shopping in the Parts & Accessories and Business & Industrial* categories
  • Earn Bucks when you sell. We’ll be adding occasional promotions so you can also get rewarded when your items sell on eBay
  • No more $5 minimum earn restrictions for redeeming—now you’ll receive your rewards, no matter the amount
  • Sign up for promotional emails and get invites for special bonus offers. For full terms and conditions of the program, click here.

Sincerely, The eBay Bucks team

The email was shamelessly titled “Announcing a better, more flexible eBay Bucks”.

Hopefully they’ll offer better targeted eBay Bucks offers once the earning rates is cut in half.

You can read full terms here.

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