X1+ Card Coming Soon: $75 Annual Fee, Lounge Access, and Up to 10X Earning

X1+ Card Coming Soon, Join Waitlist

X1 today opened up its waitlist for X1+, its newest smart credit card built with travel and premium experiences in mind.

The new smart card will build upon the X1 Card. Like the original X1 Card, X1+ will harness the power of technology to offer smart credit limits, rewards program, and disposable virtual cards that keep your details private and let you take control of your subscriptions.

You can join the waitlist for new X1+ card here

Worldwide Lounge Access for Flight Delays

X1+ will be the first U.S. Visa credit card to offer complimentary lounge passes worldwide for members and up to 4 additional passengers if a flight is delayed by one hour or more.

On-Demand Lounge Access

X1+ will be the only credit card to enable on-demand lounge pass purchases, so cardholders can access more than 1,000 Priority Lounges.

Even More Travel Rewards

Cardholders automatically earn 4X points on Expedia, Hotels.com and VRBO while continuing to benefit from X1 Card’s rewards program, which includes:

  • 2X points on every purchase regardless of category
  • 3X points every time you spend $1,000 in a month. Limited to next $6,500 of Eligible Purchases during that calendar month.
  • 4X, 5X and even 10X points for every referral who gets a card
  • Up to 10X points at leading online stores such as Apple, Nike and Sephora when cardholders shop in the X1 App

Cardholders can redeem points at additional merchants including hotels such as Four Seasons, Intercontinental and Westin and airlines such as Emirates, Hawaiian Airlines and JSX. Your Points may also be converted and applied as a general statement credit that is not limited to purchases from Rewards Partners.


From time to time through the X1 App, you may see the option to implement limited-time or limited-use “Boosts” for certain transaction categories. These Boosts will enable you to earn Points at a higher rate for transactions at specific merchant categories (e.g. food-delivery app purchases) or for other purchase or account activity. Boosts may only be available for a limited number of uses, a limited time, or both. Boosts may be added, removed or changed in the X1 App with or without notice.

Smart Baggage Protection and Enhanced Coverage

If baggage is delayed, cardholders get $100 per day in protection for 3 days. If baggage is lost, cardholders get $3,000 in protection per trip. Trip cancellation coverage is up to $5,000 per person per trip, and the card acts as the primary insurance for domestic and international car rentals. The card also comes with enhanced purchase protection at $10,000/occurrence, including Porch Piracy, with a limit of $50,000 per cardholder.

  • Travel Insurance
    • Trip Cancellation: $5,000 per person per trip
    • Baggage Delay: $100 per day for up to 3 days
    • Lost Luggage: $3,000 per trip
  • Protection
    • Purchase protection 
      • $10,000 per occurrence (includes Porch Piracy)
      • $50,000 per cardholder
    • Extended Warranty Protection
      • $10,000 per occurrence
      • $50,000 per cardholder
    • Return Protection
      • $250 per item / $1,000 annually
    • Cell Phone Protection
      • $750 per claim
      • $1,500 / 12 months ($50 deductible)
    • Car Rental Protection
      • Primary Insurance Domestic – Full value of rental car
      • Primary Insurance International – Full value of rental car

New Design with More Privacy

Built with 17g of stainless steel and laser etching technology, X1+ will come in the classic silver option along with gold and rose gold options exclusive to X1+. Cardholders can choose a metal card with no visible card number or secure information on it. Whether home or abroad, your private information will remain secure if the card is lost.

Annual Fee

X1+ will come with an annual fee of $75 per year. It’s hard to tell if the fee is worth it without seeing more details about the benefits it provides.

Signup Bonus

If you join through a referral link, you get a signup bonus in the form of 4X to 10X everywhere. The bonus is vague, so I guess we’ll learn more when the card gets closer to launch.

The signup page says” you’ll earn anywhere from a week of 4X to a month of 10X Points when you get your card.” This will be decided through a “Mystery Reward Multiplier” that is probably random.

After you join the waitlist, you can refer others to join and move up the list. You’ll also get the extra earning through that “Mystery Reward Multiplier”.


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