X1 Card Add Limits to 3X Earning

X1 Card Review

X1 Card Review

Update 02/16/23: The X1 Card no longer earns 3X points on all purchases, although the card now offers boosts for 3X at select merchants or categories.

As of January 18, the X1 card earns two (2) Points for each USD dollar of purchases posted to your X1 Account. If you spend more than $1,000 in a month, then you can start earning 3x.

X1 will measure the total USD dollar amount of your Eligible Purchases each calendar month and, when your Eligible Purchases total $1,000, you will earn three (3) Points on your next $6,500 of Eligible Purchases during that calendar month. All Eligible Purchases in excess of a total of $7,500 during the calendar month will earn two (2) Points per dollar. For example:

  • You make $1,000 in Eligible Purchases by January 5 and earn 2X points on those purchases;
  • Between January 6 and January 26, you make an additional $6,500 in Eligible Purchases and earn 3X points on those purchases;
  • Between January 27 and January 31, you spend an additional $1,000 in Eligible Purchases which earn 2X points.
  • On February 1, your monthly spend resets and you earn 2X points on all Eligible Purchases up to $1,000, 3X points on spend between $1,001 and $7,500, and 2X points on spend over $7,500 in the calendar month.

If you signed up for the X1 Card before January 18, 2023, you were subject to the 3X Annual Spend Bonus, which gave 3X points on all Eligible Purchases once you reached $15,000 in eligible spend during your Cardholder Year (each anniversary of the date your X1 Account was activated) for the duration of that year.

The X1+ card will also launch soon.

Update 1/14/21: X1 has announced a $12 million investment led by Spark Capital with participation from Jared Leto, Box CEO Aaron Levie, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, Affirm CEO and PayPal co-founder Max Levchin and Y Combinator Continuity CEO Ali Rowghani. The funding follows X1 Card‘s viral growth since opening up its waitlist in September. The waitlist is already nearing 300,000 signups and is on its way to becoming the largest ever waitlist for a fintech product.

Original article, Sept. 17, 2020:

The X1 Card is a new re-imagined credit card product for a new generation. The card is not available yet, but it has opened up a wait list. This is similar to some other new products that we have seen recently, where you move up the list by referring others. But in this case, you can also earn 4X on purchases thanks to your referrals. The card promises smart technology, an unparalleled rewards program, higher limits, lower interest rates. All of that, for no annual fee. It gets better as the the card only requires a soft pull. It is aimed at the younger generation, and are expected to start rolling out later this year. Anyone in the United States can join the wait-list. And now let’s get into this X1 Card review and see all the features this card offers.


The X1 Card earns points for every single purchase. Rewards vary from 2x to 4X for every dollar spent. Here’s the reward structure for the X1 card:

  • Earn 2X on all purchases
  • Earn 3X on all purchases for the year if you spend $15,000 on the card annually
  • Invite friends and earn 4X on all purchases for a month for every friend you refer.
  • No limit to how much you can earn and points never expire.

When it comes to redeeming rewards, you have to use them for purchases at select merchants. Over 100 popular merchants are included, but that still doesn’t make them as good as cash. The value is 1 cent per reward point. The list of merchants includes Alaska Airlines, Apple, Airbnb, Asos, Casper, Crate & Barrel, Delta Air Lines, jetBlue, Nike, Patagonia, REI, Sephora, Supreme, Wayfair and more. You can even use points for part of your purchase, no need to wait until you have enough to redeem.

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No Hard Pull

Update: The application page now says that “accepting an X1 Card after your application is approved will result in a hard credit pull, which may impact your credit score.” But, you can see if you’re approved with no impact to your credit score.

The X1 card looks at current and future income instead of credit score. It sets a smart credit limits advertised to be up to five times higher than traditional credit cards. The card also offers automatic credit line increases as cardholders advance in their careers. Having a higher credit limit also improves cardholder’s credit utilization ratio, which increases their credit score.

TechCrunch notes that X1 Card is built by Thrive, the company behind ThriveCash, a loan platform that lets you get a credit line based on offer letters for an upcoming summer internship or your first full-time job after college. You can then borrow as much as 25% of your total internship salary or 25% of your first three paychecks if it’s a full-time job. X1 should use a similar system, although it is not clear how the credit limit will be decided exactly. Also we’ll have to wait and see what information and documents might be required during the application process.

Other Features

  • No annual fee, no late fees or foreign transaction fees.
  • APR ranges from 12.9% to 19.9%.
  • Balance transfer fee of 2%.
  • Create virtual cards for one-time use
  • Cancel subscription payments in one click
  • Spend anonymously without disclosing your personal information
  • Get instant notifications on refunds
  • Attach receipts to purchases


Besides all these features and the earning structure, the X1 Card also stands out with its design. The card is made with 17 grams of sleek, stainless steel, giving it a very modern look. The X! card has a clean front, with just the X1 logo aligned vertically and the ‘Visa Signature’ logo on the lower right corner. Metal cards are generally associated with high-end credit card products, and the X1 card gives you that look and feel. You can see more images, and even hear the sound of the card dropping on the floor here.

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Guru’s Wrap-up

This is a very promising product. The X1 card has no annual fee, there’s no hard pull, a few cool features, awesome design and up to 4X earning. That actually sounds too good to be true, so let’s see if it actually comes to market. And even if it does, we’ll have to see if they can keep up the current earning structure in the long term. Let me know what you think.


5 thoughts on “X1 Card Add Limits to 3X Earning

  1. Even if you refer a friend or two, that’s still a great deal, earning unlimited 4X on all spend. I’m sure they will put some limitations in place.

    I was wondering about the credit limit and how they decide. Found this at techcrunch.com:

    “X1 Card is built by Thrive, the company that created ThriveCash, a loan platform that lets you get a credit line based on offer letters for an upcoming summer internship or your first full-time job after college.

    You can then borrow as much as 25% of your total internship salary or 25% of your first three paychecks if it’s a full-time job. There are some fees, but it can be helpful if you’re signing a new lease and you don’t have any money on your bank account, for instance.”

  2. Too good to be true. Ignoring 4X, 3X is pretty easy to get according to their current rules which is not profitable for them. It’s possible that first annual $15k is getting 2X and then 3X. That can potentially work.

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