Walmart Sued Over Misleading Prices in App

Walmart Prices Lawsuit

Walmart Prices Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit filed against Walmart claims it misleads consumers by advertising lower prices on its online app that are lower than those actually offered in stores. This lawsuit could affect many people since Walmart is a popular retailer.

Plaintiff Sofia Maynez says she used Walmart’s app to view prices of items, which she then purchased in-store. Huggies Wipes as advertised for $5.44 on the Walmart app, and Huggies Pull Ups advertised at $8.97 on the app. But, she paid $12.54 for the Huggies Wipes, and $31.84 for the Huggies Pull Ups in-store.

The Walmart class action says the retail giant makes a widespread practice of misrepresenting prices on its app. Maynez is seeking damages on behalf of herself and all other similarly affected consumers around the country who, in the last four years, used Walmart’s e-commerce app, found a quoted price, and then purchased the same item at a store for a price higher than that advertised on the app at the time of their purchase.

Additionally, she hopes to represent an Injunctive Relief Class of those consumers who saw a price on the app, but were offered the item at a higher price in-store, even if they did not purchase the actual item.

The Walmart pricing class action lawsuit says that Walmart knew that its online prices were lower than the in-store prices, and made them inconsistent in an act of “fraud, malice, and conscious disregard” for the rights of its consumers. Allegedly, the company was unjustly enriched by its misrepresentation of online and in-store prices, at the expense of its unknowing consumers.

Lawsuit Info

The Walmart App Pricing Inconsistency Class Action Lawsuit is Sofia Maynez v. Walmart Inc., et al., Case No. 2:20-cv-0023, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

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4 thoughts on “Walmart Sued Over Misleading Prices in App

  1. On the phone with them right now for the very same issues. Made a list last night, took screenshots….made my way all the way there. Made sure every item, color was correct and matched their stores description to website. They wouldn’t even entertain matching not one item. I left a whole cart full of items there. Have spent hours on the phone with them today and the manager at corporate was so rude. I cannot comprehend how a store can advertise on their allocations website a price and then say nope. Corporate is saying it’s up to the store manager. My girlfriend went to another location near us and she got the prices that were on line. It’s not right. I’m considered high risk due to donating a kidney and am injured. I really tried to plan ahead so I could be in at out and instead had one of the managers spitting in my face that’s it was to bad…items are what they scan. It even tells you the aisle the product is in. It’s not right. They should not be allowed to take advantage of consumers like this…especially in times like these.

  2. How do I join the lawsuit as a claimant? I’m in Texas and we have the same Bait and Switch issues with the Walmart Application offering a lower price even when your at my store, not purchasing on the website. The local stores won’t honor the price and say they have no control over what the website post and refuse to resolve the issues.

    Thank You – Christina from East Texas

    • The case is represented by Michael Louis Kelly of Kirtland & Packard LLP. Maybe look them up and contact the firm. But if it reaches a settlement then everyone affected should be able to file claims. Make sure you keep any proof you have in case it’s required.

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