Walmart Class Action Lawsuit Over Unfair COVID-19 Return Policy

Walmart Class Action Lawsuit Over Unfair COVID-19 Return Policy

A California woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Walmart, accusing it of changing its return policy during the coronavirus crisis. Danielle Hubmer says the company changed their normal return policy without posting any signage or otherwise informing customers know about it.

Hubmer says she purchased items, including clothing, at a California Walmart store on April 25. Dressing rooms at the store were closed when she was shopping, so she was not able to try on any of the clothing items. She made her purchases and left the store. On April 27, Hubmer says she returned to the store to return some of the items she had purchased. However, Walmart refused to take back the items and “refused to provide Plaintiff with a cash refund, store credit, or an equal exchange for the full price of the purchase of her goods.” The store manager told Hubmer the store was not accepting returns.

As of June 17, an article on Walmart’s help page says: “As part of our COVID-19 response, we will temporarily not allow store returns on certain items. For the most up-to-date information, please visit Walmart’s Policies and Guidelines website.” The Polices and Guidelines website’s most up-to-date information, dated June 15, says the retailer “paused processing returns and and exchanges” for several categories of items, including clothing for “a number of weeks.” However, no information was available on when the alleged “pause” began. No notices were posted either in the store when Hubmer made her purchases.

According to the site, as of June 15, the retailer is once again accepting returns “in most states” in accordance with its normal policy, and “any items that were temporarily not permitted for return and were purchased between April 20 and June 15 can now be returned though Sept. 15 with a receipt.”

But still the Walmart  class action lawsuit alleges the company is in violation of the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, the California Business and Professions Code and California civil code. The complaint also accuses Walmart of breach of contract.

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4 thoughts on “Walmart Class Action Lawsuit Over Unfair COVID-19 Return Policy

  1. I live in California. I’ve been waiting to return these items going on 105 days. I understand they had to implement policies due to the pandemic but I’m positive they’re not going to resell these items at this point so why not just take them back. I’ll take store credit at this point but it makes no sense that they STILL aren’t accepting returns. I GUARANTEE it wasn’t posted in the store when I bought the items that they may not be eligible for return, if it had been i would’ve reevaluated whether or not I really wanted it. I’ll tell you another thing, Target stopped taking returns for a few months as well, that ended June 26. It’s almost 2021 and Wal-Mart still won’t take these returns

    • I don’t think that suing them is really the answer but she has a legit gripe. This crap has been going on for over 4 months now. People have gained weight, worn out clothing or needed cooler clothes for summer. I tried to return a dress I bought the other day and they said I couldn’t. Wasn’t buying the dress to be fancy but since I am considered “essential” they would probably prefer me to wear clothing to work that isn’t too tight cus of my covid weight gain. They at least need to put up a sign. I stood in the return line for 10 minutes just to be turned away. I think that’s the part that irritated me the most….just put up a sign.

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