Walmart $3.74 Fee for GoBank Prepaid Card Reloads Coming Sep. 16th

Walmart Go Bank Reloads Fee

Walmart $3.74 Fee for GoBank Prepaid Card Reloads Coming Sep. 16th

Update (Aug. 30, 2021) – This fee was removed for a while, but it’s coming back for good on September 16th, according to an email sent out by GoBank. Additionally, all GoBank accounts will be transitioned to a new Go2Bank account and the $3.74 fee is listed in the terms.

Original article (Jul. 20, 2021) – If you use Walmart for Go Bank Card reloads, then you should be aware of a new fee that has been added in recent days. Go Bank Prepaid Card reloads are no longer free, at least as of July 18. Walmart will now charge a $3.74 fee, no matter the amount of the transaction. This fee is added to the money that is being deposited into your Go Bank account. The new fee will show up before payment method is provided.

From information provided on FlyerTalk it looks like Walmart has decided unilaterally to add this $3.74 fee. There was no notification to Green Dot about this added charge. The change is most likely permanent and not just a temporary glitch. With maximum loads of $500, that means that you will have to pay a fee of at least 0.75% for your reloads. 

If you need to close your Go Bank accounts, make sure you bring your balance to $0 first. Then call and close your account in order to avoid any possible monthly fees.

For now, BlueBird and Serve loads are still free at Walmart. And hopefully it stays that way.


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  1. You are way off on the math, 3.74/500 = 0.74%, the fee is less than 1%, not ideal, but definitely worth it for many people.

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