[OOS] Walgreens, 9oz Hand Sanitizer for $4.99

Walgreens, 9oz Hand Sanitizer for $4.99

A Hand Sanitizer that is a powerful gel that helps keeps your hands clean, safe and germ-free. Made with ingredients that are processed through ColdPress Technology and crafted with care in sunny Southern California, Raw Sugar’s Coconut + Lemon Verbena Hand Sanitizer is made with plant-derived extracts that have so many added benefits. This gentle hand sanitizer is 99.9% effective in protecting your hands against most common germs.

Free shipping with orders of $35 or more. Otherwise you need to pay $5.99. There’s a limit of 2 for the hand sanitizers. Not the greatest deal, but could work if you need to buy something else, or if you can;t find hand sanitizer anywhere.


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