Check Out Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages Suites

Richard Branson is entering the cruising business with his new Virgin Voyages venture. The company promises things will be thoroughly modern on board its ships as it aims the shake up the industry. Now the yhave unveiled a first look at rooms on board the Scarlet Lady, which is due to set sail in the spring of 2020. These are called the RockStar Suites, which were designed by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio.

Virgin Voyages

The living space in the Massive suite boasting a stocked in-room bar and turntable area.

You can see right away that this is now your average cruise. The RockStar Suites aim to make you feel like you’re sailing in your own mega-yacht. Each of the suites comes with what Virgin Voyages calls a “retro-futurism design” and includes a soothing color palette of deep blues to echo the ocean outside guests’ windows. The rooms are all clever cabins, with sensors that auto-adjust to Sailor movements, also allowing for the room’s lighting to easily change from day to evening play mode.

These 78 RockStar Suites include fifteen Mega RockStar Suites, named the Massive, Fab, Posh and Gorgeous Suites – all primely located on deck 15, just a deck below Richard’s Rooftop, a RockStar Suite Sailor only, exclusive Sir Richard Branson inspired top deck (and top-shelf alcohol only) cocktail lounge at the ship’s forward facing section.

View out to terrace and into the music room in the Massive Suite.

RockStar Sailors should prepare for the full treatment like private driver airport transfers, helicopter arrangements, luggage assistance and a private walk down the exclusive terminal pathway upon arrival. RockStar Sailors can also receive anytime boarding, early booking access to special events and personal rock & roll style rider sheets (with items delivered pre-arrival of course) meant to satisfy even the most diva-like of requests.

Top to bottom marble bathroom with dichroic glass window and door to shower.

Now the bad news. If you want to sail away with Richard Bronson, you need to just enter your name on their list and hopefully you’ll be able to book one of these suites, which I’m sure will be pretty expensive.

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