Uzbek Airline to Weigh Passengers Before Boarding

An Uzbek airline, Uzbekistan Airways has announced that all passengers will be weighed before boarding. They will have to stand on weighing machines with their personal luggage after they have checked in. Special weighing machines have been set up in the departure gate zones.

Uzbekistan Airways

The company promised not to reveal the weight of individual passengers, but it will mean some overweight people could be kicked off flights if total weight limits are exceeded.

Uzbekistan Airways said they needed to know the weights of both people and their luggage because it was important in managing smaller planes.

Samoan Air became the world’s first airline to charge passengers based on their weight, back in 2013. Under the pay-by-weight system, passengers have to input their weight into the online booking section of the Samoa Air website.

Issues with overweight passengers have been in the news lately. The most recent was a lawsuit filed against Etihad over ‘injuries’ from sitting next to obese passenger.

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