US Amex Cards Will No Longer Give Credits for Priority Pass Restaurants

You might have read about Hong Kong-based American Express cards removing the dining credit at participating airport restaurants in the Priority Pass program.

US Amex Cards Will No Longer Give Credits for Priority Pass Restaurants

Now the bad news hits home. VFTW reports that these same restrictions will come to US issued cards as well. Effective August 1 “the Priority Pass Membership benefit offered on American Express Platinum and Centurion Cards and Hilton Ascend, Hilton Aspire, and Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ Cards will no longer include complimentary access to non-lounge airport experiences.” Confirmation comes from Amex.

Restaurants have been a great addition to the program, but I guess also a huge added expense. Hopefully other issuers don’t follow suit. This actually affects all non-lounge airport experiences, so it’s not just restaurants. Gameway access and other activities will be gone as well.

Once the change goes into effect in August, make sure you switch to a Priority Pass from a different issuer. You can read about cards that offer Priority Pass here.

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4 thoughts on “US Amex Cards Will No Longer Give Credits for Priority Pass Restaurants

  1. Boo. This is an unwelcome change. I rarely used the restaurant access, but it did come in handy earlier this year.

    • same here. i have only used it a few times. and if everyone was like us it probably would not be taken away. but people take their families for dinners to their airport so what do you expect?

  2. What about people who have just recently signed up for an American Express card? They were promised full access to PP lounges and restaurants. This is bait and switch. At least give new cardholders the chance to get a year of use out of their PP membership.

  3. If Amex is no longer including restaurants then I expect others to follow. I’m sure people have been abusing the heck out of it without even flying. I have seen a lot of bragging about getting free food with Priority Pass. So obviously Amex will see that certain customers is costing them thousands every year on restaurant credits.

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