UPS My Choice Premium Membership For $1/Month

UPS has two new offers available for discounted UPS My Choice Premium Membership. The service costs $40 per year, but right now you can get it for as little as $1 per month. The offer is available for both existing and new members. Here’s the two promo codes:

  • BZTTLG7D7 – $10 for 6 months
  • BU8CV8EH3 – $4 for 4 months

UPS My Choice Premium Membership

New members can sign up here, while existing one can go to Manage Membership in their account and click Upgrade to Premium. Make sure you turn off auto renew after you sign up, so you don’t get automatically charged $40 when the year is up.

UPS My Choice Premium Membership

Premium membership gives everything that’s offered in the basic membership:

  • Delivery Alerts
  • Delivery Planner
  • Approximate Delivery Time
  • Sign for Packages Online
  • Delivery Instructions
  • Pickup Packages at Your Convenience
  • Deliveries to Another Address
  • Deliveries on Another Day
  • Upgrade UPS SurePost® Packages to UPS Ground
  • Confirmed Delivery Window

plus the following:

  • Unlimited Free Deliveries to Another Address
  • Unlimited Free Deliveries on Another Day
  • Unlimited Free UPS SurePost Upgrades
  • Two Free Confirmed Delivery Windows annually (afterwards, $8 per request).

Might not be of value if you ship a lot of packages, but it is useful for those who receive lots of packages since you able to forward to another address, change delivery dates and upgrade UPS SurePost shipments to UPS Ground.


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