United Dining Program, Targeted Bonus For $1 Spend

United Dining Program has sent out some nice targeted offers that can get you some easy miles for making purchases at restaurants. What’s nice about these offers is that you can spend just $1 to get the bonus.

United Dining Program

There’s two different offers that we’ve seen so far:

  • Get 500 miles, up to 3 times, for making a purchase at a partner restaurant with a linked card
  • Get 1,000 miles for making a purchase at a partner restaurant with a linked card

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is an easy deal to take advantage of, since it only requires a minimum spend of $1 at participating restaurants. Check you emails to see if you have the offer. If you do not have a United Dining Program account, it’s usually good to wait for some kind of promotion. I don’t think there’s any offers right now, but we see 500 or 1,000 miles offers sometimes.


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