United Airlines Increases Checked Bag Fees

United Airlines Increases Checked Bag Fees

United Airlines on Friday announced a checked-baggage fees increase of $5, following a similar move earlier in the year by JetBlue. The first checked bag will now cost $35 each way and the second, $45. Travelers can avoid the fee increase by prepaying for bags in advance. The checked-bag prices remain $30 and $40 if the fee is paid at any time before checking in online. Southwest credit cards will also help you avoid fees altogether.

The increase takes effect for travel beginning March 6th. Travelers who bought their tickets before Friday, February 21st will be exempt and continue to pay $30 and $40. The increase covers flight in the United States and on short-haul flights to the Caribbean and Latin America.

Other major airlines are likely to do the same as they did back in 2018 when they matched the fee increases by JetBlue. Low cost airlines such as Spirit, Frontier and Allegiant already charge for all checked bags and even carry-ons. Southwest never misses a chance to mention that “bags fly free” with them and they poked fun at United’s fee increase in a tweet.

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