Uber Giving Out Free FIFA 17, Madden NFL 17, NHL 17 Or Xbox One S Console

The highly anticipated launch of FIFA 17 is fast approaching and Uber is handing out free games. As usual, demand will be high for these promos. You need to be in one of the 35 cities listed below to be eligible to receive a free copy. For US cities promo code is GAMEONUSA.

Celebrating EA SPORTS Season with the Launch of FIFA 17.jpeg

All you need to do is enter your city’s promo code listed below, then tap GAME ON when it appears in your app on Monday, September 26 or Tuesday, September 27.

If soccer isn’t your thing, a few fans might also land some of EA SPORTS other titles, like Madden NFL 17 and NHL 17 for Xbox One, or even a brand new Xbox One S console. And if that wasn’t enough, you may see some players from your hometown team on hand for the ultimate assist on deliveries.

How It Works:

  • Download the Uber app for iPhone or Android
  • Enter the promo code for your city below
  • Request the “GAME ON” option in the app
  • If a car is available, you’ll be playing in minutes
  • Demand will be HIGH and availability is limited

Here’s the eligible cities and respective promo code for each city

  • Amsterdam GAMEONNL
  • Berlin GAMEONDE
  • Bogota GAMEONCO
  • Buenos Aires GAMEONAR
  • Cape Town GAMEONZA
  • Chicago GAMEONUSA
  • Columbus GAMEONUSA
  • Copenhagen GAMEONDK
  • Dallas GAMEONUSA
  • Denver GAMEONUSA
  • Geneva + GAMEONCH
  • Guadalajara GAMEONMX
  • Helsinki GAMEONFI
  • Houston GAMEONUSA
  • Jeddah + GAMEONSA
  • Johannesburg GAMEONZA
  • London + GAMEONUK
  • Los Angeles GAMEONUSA
  • Madrid + GAMEONES
  • Manchester + GAMEONUK
  • Marseille GAMEONFR
  • Mexico City GAMEONMX
  • Monterrey GAMEONMX
  • Munich GAMEONDE
  • New York GAMEONUSA
  • Oslo + GAMEONNO
  • Paris GAMEONFR
  • Philadelphia GAMEONUSA
  • Portland GAMEONUSA
  • Riyadh + GAMEONSA
  • Seattle GAMEONUSA
  • Seoul + GAMEONKR
  • Singapore + GAMEONSG
  • Sydney + GAMEONAU
  • Vienna GAMEONAT
  • Washington DC GAMEONUSA

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