Two Years Of Deals From DDG

It’s been almost two years since this blog started in January of 2015. I think it has changed a lot lot over the course of these two years, especially when looking at posts from January 2015. Since then, I hope I have posted valuable information that has helped you make money, save money or take great trips and vacations around the country and the world.

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While I might have helped some people, I also have learned a lot myself through researching topics for my posts and through readers’ comments which I appreciate greatly. 

I also appreciate the great help of other bloggers who have linked to my posts, helping me reach a larger audience. A special thanks to DoC, Miles To Memories, Frequent Miler, Million Mile Secrets and Points with a Crew, which are the top 5 referring blogs to my site. Thank you also to those readers who’ve send me deals through email.

Here’s a few quick stats. Views have more than doubled this year to 380,000, compared to 190,000 last year. Visitors have also doubled from 60,000 to 120,000.

Thank you all for reading!

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