Top Spring Break Destinations Ranked by Google

Top Spring Break Destinations

Top Spring Break Destinations Ranked by Google

As we are getting closer to Spring, many people are starting to plan their Spring Break getaway for this year. Google has compiled a list of the most popular destinations, to make it easier for you to pick a location. These destinations reflect trending, round trip searches on Google Flights with origins in the United States, for trips occurring March 20 – April 6. Also check out my list of airfare deals here, and keep an eye out for more deals by following the site or on Twitter.

Top Spring Break Destinations for 2020

As you might expect, all these destinations are in the United States or Mexico. Here is the list, starting with the most popular destination, Palm Springs:

  1. Palm Springs, CA
  2. Sarasota, FL
  3. San Jose del Cabo, MX
  4. Fort Myers, FL
  5. Cancun, MX
  6. Cozumel, MX
  7. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  8. Vail, CO
  9. Austin, TX
  10. Phoenix, AZ

Top Spring Break Destinations

Google Flight Booking Tips

It’s hard to know what the “right” price for a flight is–and even harder to know when to book. Google Flights will show you whether prices for a flight route are high, low or typical, right on the flight results page. For some flights, a graph will show you how the price has changed over the past few months and indicate when we predict the price may increase or won’t get any lower. You can also switch on the ‘Track prices’ toggle for a flight route or specific itinerary, and we’ll email you when the price drops.

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Sometimes you can save a lot of money by being flexible with your plans. There is a new feature that makes it easy to see when changing your airport or your dates of travel will result in big savings – you may notice these handy notifications the next time you search with Google Flights. You can also tap on the options for date grid, price graph or nearby airports at the top of the results page to see for yourself how prices might change depending on those factors.

For select airlines, Google Flights will show you the different fare options and what they include before you book so you can easily compare and upgrade based on what you need. This helps you see at a glimpse how much your ticket will be if you need checked baggage, want to select your own seat, or just need that premium experience.

Use Filters

Filters are also a great tool to help you find exactly what you are looking for:

  • Want to rack up airline miles? Filter flights down to your airline or alliance of choice, to help maximize rewards.
  • Hate waking up early? Filter for specific arrival and departure times, with different options for all flights in your itinerary.
  • Can’t stand the layover? Filter for nonstop or 1-stop only options.
  • Don’t want to pack light? Filter for whether checked or carry-on bags are included and avoid surprises at the airport. We also let you know if a carry-on is not included directly in the flight results.


If you don’t know where you want to go yet, you can use our Explore feature to see deals around the world. Just enter your home airport as the starting point and you’ll see the best fares for each city appear on the map. You can adjust for specific dates or a flexible range (e.g. 1 week trips in March). And if you have a budget in mind, you can filter for a maximum price to find the best option for your wallet — great values are highlighted in green.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Let me know if you are planning a Spring Break getaway and whether you are thinking of any of these top 10 destinations or others. Sometimes having airline miles and hotel points conditions you to select certain destinations, but also enables you to have a much better experience for less. So people in this hobby might have a different top 10 list from the general population.

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