The Ultimate Jacket For Frequent Fliers?

Here’s a jacket that could very well be the Swiss Army Knife of travel wear, with 15 cool features. The travel jacket is designed with multiple hidden functions that promise to make commuting of any sort more comfortable and hands-free.

Baubax jacket

Hiral Sanghavi needed $20,000 on Kickstarter to fund his BauBax travel jacket. He smashed that target and raised a whopping $9 million. The jacket quickly became the most-funded clothing campaign “not just on Kickstarter but in the history of crowdfunding,” said Sanghavi.

It wasn’t only the most-funded clothing campaign, CNN reports.

The BauBax jacket drive, which ended Thursday, also became Kickstarter’s fourth-most funded campaign ever after the two Pebble Smart Watches and the multi-purpose Coolest Cooler box.

Sanghavi said his travel wear will come in a variety of basic colors and in four styles — wrinkle-free blazer (for the business traveler), fleece-lined bomber, water-repellent windbreaker, and a cotton sweatshirt. The pre-order prices ranges from $89 to $120.

“The 15 features justify the prices,” said Sanghavi. “If you were to buy each of these features separately, it would cost $315.”

The jacket includes:

baubax jacket features

A neck pillow in the hood that inflates in two seconds and an eye mask for shutting out the light.

baubax jacket neck pillow

Gloves concealed in each sleeve.

baubax jacket gloves

An insulated cupholder pocket.

baubax jacket drink holder

It also has an earphone cable track inside the hood, a pocket with built-in microfiber cloth to protect and clean sunglasses, a zipper that hides an extendable pen and stylus, and double-layered handwarming pockets.

For the multiple devices, there are pockets to fit a 10-inch iPad and an iPhone, passport pocket, a BauBax blanket, and a portable charger pocket.

Sanghavi said the idea for the jacket struck him because of his frequent travels between Chicago and San Francisco.

“My wife works on the West Coast and I’m currently studying for my MBA at the Kellogg School of Management [at Northwestern University in Illinois],” he said. “It’s a long flight and I’d forget to take my neck pillow and end up buying a new one at the airport.”

After he accumulated a few pillows this way, Sanghavi said his wife, a designer, suggested a jacket with the neck pillow feature built in. “I thought it was a solid idea,” said Sanghavi, who’s also a serial entrepreneur. They took six months to research and design their jacket and add in more functions.

Sanghavi said he wants to have the jackets ready for consumers for the November travel season.

Will you buy one?

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