bPay Jacket, Pay With Your Sleeve

UK-based financial institution Barclays Bank created a wearable wrist payment device called the bPay earlier this year. Now the device has been enhanced by Scottish knitwear brand Lyle & Scott. The Scottish brand has embedded the wireless technology into the sleeve cuff of a stylish jacket.

bpayThis creative combination of fashion and convenience creates a sleek and completely discrete form of payment. The contact-free piece of technology allows users to hover their wrist over a credit card machine to instantly pay for their purchases.
The bPay jacket is a nice looking piece of clothing that combines sophisticated fashion design and convenience. This handy device can be used to pay for transit, parking, groceries or other shopping excursions. By eliminating the need for a wallet, it also frees up space and ensures users always have a form of money, in the fall at least.

It is a cool innovation, but I’m not sure how useful this is since you have to remember to bring your wallet when you’re wearing a different jacket.

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