The Passport Index 2023 Update, United States Tied for 3rd Place

The Passport Index 2023

The Passport Index 2023 Update

The Passport Index has published its latest update today, revealing that both China and India’s Mobility Scores have fallen, with India experiencing the largest global drop on the Index this year. The Index also showed drops in the scores of other large Asian economies including Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. This decline indicates the extent to which these countries have not capitalized on the global uptick in mobility recorded last year.

The ranking is still topped by United Arab Emirates with a total score of 181. Then there are 11 countries with a score of 174, all tied for second place. The United States passport is ranked third with a score of 173, alongside other countries such as Denmark, Portugal, United Kingdom and New Zealand. You can see the full ranking here.

The biggest movers in this update include:

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  • Country (Positive Change in mobility score from 2022)
    • Kenya +2
    • Vatican City +2
    • Monaco +2
    • Lithuania +1
    • Albania +1
    • Togo +1
    • Malaysia +1
    • Botswana +1
    • Palau +1
    • Zimbabwe +1
  • Country (Negative Change in mobility score from 2022)
    • Bahrain -1
    • Cuba -2
    • Guinea Buissau -2
    • Qatar -2
    • Serbia -2
    • Timor-Leste -2
    • Uzbekistan -2
    • Turkmenistan -2
    • Ecuador -3
    • India -3

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