Swagbucks TransUnion Offer, $23 Profit When You Sign Up

Swagbucks TransUnion Offer, $23 Profit When You Sign Up

Swagbucks has a new offer for those looking to sign up for TransUnion. You need to pay $25 for a month but you get $48 from Revenue Universe on Swagbucks. Let’s see how this Swagbucks TransUnion offer works.


  • Signup for TransUnion Credit Monitoring and receive 4,800 Swagbucks (worth $48 or more)! The service costs $24.95 per month.


Swagbucks should be issued instantly and you can cancel the service after one month.

Guru’s Wrap-up

If everything goes to plan, then it should be a $23 money maker and you get the credit monitoring service from TransUnion for one month. Just remember to cancel before the month is over, so you don’t pay an extra $25. Just ask your Alexa or Google devices to set a reminder in 25 days.

You can read more about how Swagbucks works and sign up here for a $13 bonus.


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6 thoughts on “Swagbucks TransUnion Offer, $23 Profit When You Sign Up

  1. Where are the terms and conditions for this offer? Where it is mentioned that subscribing for 25 days will qualify for the reward?

    • 25 days is just a random number to remind you before the month is over (maybe I should take that out) . I couldn’t find the terms but swagbucks are issued right away and it has worked in the past.

        • I received 4800 SBs which can be redeemed instantly now. So I can cancel the subscription even today. But I paid thru debit card which had only 25$ balance. So I guess I dont have to worry for cancellation.
          Thanks for posting the offer

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