Swagbucks, Make a Donation and a $10 Profit

Swagbucks Sierra Club offer

Swagbucks, Make a Donation and a $10 Profit

Swagbucks has a new offer that can can make you a small profit and also give you the satisfaction of donating to a good cause. We have seen this offer in the past and if you have already dont it, you will not qualify for a second bonus. Let’s see how this Swagbucks Sierra Club offer works.


swagbucks sierra club

Offer Terms

  • Please allow up to 90 days after donating to Sierra Club for SB to be credited to your account.
  • Only valid donations will be credited. Must donate $15 to earn SB. Donations under $15 are not eligible for SB.
  • Must use valid contact and payment information to earn SB.
  • Must remain a member for 35 days to receive SB.
  • SB may be revoked for cancelled or invalid donations.
  • This offer may only be redeemed once (1) per user.

Guru’s Wrap-up

A good cause and also a moneymaking opportunity. It’s a win-win. You must remain a member for 35 days, so you probably need to donate the minimum of $15 for two months. That would leave you with a $10 profit. If you only end up donating for one month, you come out with a $25 profit. If you want to cancel the membership, contact member.care@sierraclub.org. Use your Swagbucks email to sign up for Sierra Club.

We often see similar money making offers from Swagbucks, so if you don’t have an account, I suggest signing up. You can read more about how Swagbucks works and sign up here for a $13 bonus.

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