2 thoughts on “[Expired] Suntrust Bank Bonus, Get $500 with New Checking & Savings (Select States)

  1. I closed my previous account over 181 days from opening of the new account and communicated with bank official that this was adequate to be in compliance.
    All other criteria has clearly been established and required funds deposited.
    Two SunTrust bank officers accepted the bonus coupon when opening the account, and all was good.
    Now SunTrust says they will not pay me.
    I simply ask if the bank employees honors the bonus, he was fully aware of the program. If he submits the coupon, and then says there was a problem, is the customer at fault?
    There was never any question at time of accepting the bonus coupon, but now they are refusing to acknowledges that they took your money, but didn’t read the coupon correctly.
    I ask for your response on this matter.

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