[Expired] Stash Invest, $50 Bonus for Direct Deposit & $25 for New Users


Stash Invest, $50 Bonus for Direct Deposit & $25 for New Users

Stash is an investing platform that makes it easy for beginners to get started in the stock market. You need a minimum of just $5 to start investing. There’s a fee of $1 per month, or 0.25% per year on accounts over $5,000. That’s something that you can get with many other apps and websites nowadays, even for free. But Stash is now offering a $50 bonus that is available to everyone, new and existing users. That’s in addition to the $25 bonus that you can receive when you sign up. Let’s see how you can get this Stash Invest signup bonus.

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$25 Signup Bonus

If you sign up through a referral link, you will make $5 for depositing $5. But there is a better signup offer of $25 from Swagbucks. Just search for 'stash' on Swagbucks.

  • Deposit just $5 into your new investment account and Stash will match your $5. Plus, earn 2,000 SB! That’s a total of $25.

The process is quick and easy. You need to enter the usual information required for these types of apps.

$50 Direct Deposit Bonus

This bonus is for existing users, and also new users, after they sign up for an account. Here’s how to claim your $50 offer:

  • Sign up for Stash
  • Direct deposit at least $300 in a 30 day period into your Stash banking account and we’ll give you $50 to invest

Guru’s Wrap-up

I’m not a fan of paying a monthly fee, even if it is just $1. There’s many other apps out there that let you trade for free. But it’s probably worth signing up for this Stash Invest signup bonus that can add up to a total of $75.


RebatesMe $40 bonus

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