Staples Cancels Some iTunes GC Orders, Warns Of Accounts Being Blocked

Staples has a sale on iTunes gift cards yesterday that didn’t last very long. They were offering a 15% discount on $100 and $50 denominations. If you read the post in time, you might have been able to place a few orders. However many people got some or all their orders canceled this time around. And this morning, Staples sent out emails regarding those cancellations, explaining why they were canceled and also warning about future abuse.

staples warning

Here’s what he email said:

We would like to inform you that your Staples order number XXXXXXXX has not been processed due to Apple Inc. Bulk Purchasing Guidelines regarding the purchase of their products. Please be advised that we are not authorized to sell Apple products in bulk to the following institutions/organizations: Non-Profit, Educational, Government, or Product Resellers. Staples will continue to monitor this activity and further policy breach may lead to your account being blocked. Your order has been cancelled. We value your business and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions regarding your order or Apple’s policies, please contact us directly. You can choose to email us or chat with a live customer service representative, and please be sure to reference your order number.

Staples is warning that they will be monitoring accounts for similar activity and further policy breach may lead to accounts being blocked. It’s not clear what constitutes¬†policy breach, since people were able to place different number of orders, anywhere from none to double digits. So it doesn’t look like there is a set limit. I haven’t read about any accounts being blocked so far for purchasing too many gift cards, but I would be more careful going forward.

3 thoughts on “Staples Cancels Some iTunes GC Orders, Warns Of Accounts Being Blocked

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  2. hmmmm…… happens I missed this deal. Seems there’s a rather easier solution for next time, for Staples to just put a limit on the #’s of cards per customer. This after-the-fact cancelling of orders, with vague big-brother style warnings about “monitoring accounts” is just nasty.

    • That would be the obvious solution, and I do not understand why they cannot put a limit on the number of gift cards that you can purchase through 1 account. Shouldn’t be that difficult IT wise.

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