Staples $5 to $1000 Mystery Rewards, Check Your Emails

Staples Mystery Rewards are back. Staples sends these promotions by email occasionally and they can vary from $5 to $1000. Make sure to check your email, hopefully you received one as well. This time the offer is a bit different as you do not get a coupon, but instead you add the promotion to your cart and then see discount when you checkout. Offer is available online only till 10/14/17.

staples mystery rewards

How To Redeem

Make sure you are logged into your Staples Rewards® Account on

  1. Click “Add to Cart” on the email you receive
  2. You will receive confirmation that your coupon has been added to your cart on
  3. Start shopping! Add items to your cart to reveal your Mystery Reward.

Planned Offer Distribution:

  • (3) $1,000 Mystery Rewards
  • (127) $500 Mystery Reward
  • (382) $250 Mystery Rewards
  • (636) $100 Mystery Rewards
  • (12,736) $50 Mystery Rewards
  • (75,274) $25 Mystery Rewards
  • (229,261) $10 Mystery Rewards
  • Approximately (955,256) $5 Mystery Rewards.

Promo Codes Value

Some people are getting a different offer that you need to check in store or by contacting a Staples rep through chat. Here’s the values for some of those promo codes, which are based on the first five digits. Let m know if you have any others.

  • 36232 – $5
  • 76431 – $25
  • 68743 – $50

Offer Terms

  • Valid 10/5/17-10/14/17 on® purchases only.
  • Mystery Reward is only available via this email and can only be redeemed by the original recipient of this email.
  • Staples Rewards® cannot be redeemed for or applied against cash, taxes, credit remittance, shipping charges, custom printing orders placed online, promotional products, any purchases made on,,,,, gift cards, prepaid phone cards, postage stamps, prior purchases, Staples Industrial(sm) purchases, purchases made on, or purchases on third-party websites.
  • Purchases eligible for rewards is the amount paid at checkout after application of all promotions, coupons and rewards redemptions.

4 thoughts on “Staples $5 to $1000 Mystery Rewards, Check Your Emails

  1. I got a different promo Receive up to $1,000! Reveal your Mystery Reward today. to check in store. do you have the codes?save me a drive 🙂

    • If you click inside the box, the next slide will show you the numbers of your coupon code. If the numbers are different in the list above, you may have gotten a higher amount.

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