Slice is Looking for One Person in Every State to Eat Pizza for a Year

Slice free Pizza for a Year

Slice is Looking for One Person in Every State to Eat Pizza for a Year

Slice, an online food ordering platform for independent pizzerias, is looking for people to eat free pizza. If you’re passionate about small business and love pizza, you can apply for this role of a lifetime. 50 representatives will be selected to receive $2,000+ in pizza, cash and prizes. That’s one person from each state. Applicants can apply to represent their state in Slice’s P.I.E. (Promotion of Independents Everywhere) Society of America and get free pizza for an entire year.

Here’s what you get if you are chosen:

  • A year’s supply of free pizza ($1,300 value)
  • $500 stipend to get to travel and try new pizzerias in your state throughout the year
  • A whole slew of Slice gear to represent their home state
  • A content creation kit with tools and tech to help document their pizza journey

And this is what you will have to do:

  • Visit and order from new pizza shops every week
  • Capture content that shares the unique story behind the pizza
  • Evangelize your state’s best pizzerias
  • Eat pizza!!

The search starts on Thursday, June 24th, and will wrap on July 30th. The winners will be notified on August 13th. You just need to enter some basic information such as full name and zip code, and also a reason why you are the right person for the job. For a better chance to win you can also send in videos and photos. For more information or to apply for the P.I.E. Society contest, please visit

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