Simon Mall to Start Offering $1,000 Visa Gift Cards with $3.95 Fee

Simon Mall is a popular source for gift cards, especially when they have promotions that lower the activation fees. They also have a program for corporate customers and they sell $1,000 Visa gift cards for a fee between $1-$2.95. That part is apparently really difficult to get into, but soon they might open it up to more people.

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Point Chaser reports that Simon Mall would begin extending the corporate discount to card churners. But it will be a bit different from the options extended to corporate customers. Orders for these $1,000 Visa gift cards would have to be placed via mail. The fee will also bee a bit higher, $3.95. This policy is said to be coming to Simon Malls nationwide. Regular gift card buyers will need to join a special mailing list. This could be done in-store or online.

These gift cards sales will be eligible for “promotions” as well. So we might see something similar to the deals they usually offer where they take $1 off the activation fee.

Doctor of Credit reports that shipping fee will be between $.47 and $3.75, depending how many cards you order. An order can have anywhere between one and 10 cards.

You need to have a purchase history of at least five orders prior to being approved for higher limits and $1,000 cards.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Buying $1,000 denominations is great for those who do large volumes. It cuts down purchasing and draining fees, plus makes everything faster. On the other hand, having a $1,000 Visa gift card, or 10, mailed to you is not the safest thing. But it does give people with no Simon Mall near them a chance to jump on the action.

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