Sell Items Of $25 Or More, Get $25 Back on eBay

Ebay has a nice promotion for to get people to sell items on the website. Activate the offer, list items by August 31, sell by September 10 and you’ll receive $25 if you items sell for a total of $25 or more. This looks like a targeted offer, but even if you didn’t receive it directly you’re eligible if you get the activation confirmation through the link. You can still click “Activate Offer” and you should see “You’ve accepted the offer “Earn a $25 Coupon by Selling on eBay”” on the next page.

ebay sell 25

Only sellers that have either never sold before or are not actively selling (defined as having not sold an item since April 30, 2015) under any eBay user ID (“sellers”) are eligible for this promotion. 

I haven’t sold on eBay in a while and I was able to sign up for the offer.

ebay sell 25 activation

The eBay Coupon will be awarded no later than two weeks after September 10, 2015. Once credited, the Coupon will also be available in the “Messages” tab within “My eBay”.

Offer Details

  • Must activate the offer here and receive confirmation that you qualify in the next page
  • List by August 31st and sell by September 10th
  • Sales must total $25 or more
  • This promotion is only valid for listings on the US site at, eBay Motors at, with an eBay Mobile application for iOS, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry in the US, or items mailed to eBay Valet.

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2 thoughts on “Sell Items Of $25 Or More, Get $25 Back on eBay

  1. Thanks for the tip as I was eligible too. It appears that as long as the total value of ALL items sold is $25 or more we will receive the coupon, correct?

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