US Bank Now Shows You Full Credit Card Number Online

How to See the Full US Bank Card Number Online

See the Full US Bank Card Number Online

Credit card issuer normally don’t show you the full credit card number online or in the app. This is a security feature but not very convenient when you don’t have the card with you and need to make a purchase online or elsewhere. US Bank at least has made a change recently and now lets you see your full card information online. That includes the full credit card number, expiration date and CVV.

This will only work for cards that you already have and have been activated. If you apply for a new card, you will not be able to get an instant card number this way. It will ask you to activate card.

Here’s how you can see the full US Bank credit card number online:

  • Log in online and go to your card dashboard
  • On top of the page, under the last 4 card digits and balance, click on “Card number”

See the Full US Bank Card Number Online

  • Click “Show card number”
  • Full card number will show with expiration date and CVV

See the Full US Bank Card Number Online

Guru’s Wrap-up

This is a useful feature if you don’t have any cards handy and need to make a purchase. You can just log into your US Bank account and you get the same information shown on the physical card.

But it also adds some extra risks if someone gets access to your account, or you forget a window open on your computer.

HT: DoC & US Credit Card Strategy

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