Replacements for Old Bank of America MLB Cards Have a $200 Bonus

Replacement Bank of America MLB Card $200 Bonus

Replacements for Old Bank of America MLB Cards Have a $200 Bonus

Early this year, Bank of America informed existing Major League Baseball (MLB) cardholders that it would end the partnership with MLB. Major League Baseball Customized Cash Rewards credit cards will become a Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards or Customized Cash Rewards credit cards. Capital One is also an official MLB partner now.

As for the old Bank of America MLB cards, the conversion would happen in mid-March. And as expected, customers are now receiving the new cards in the mail.

But if you are expecting one of these cards, make sure to check the contents of the envelope. One of the inserts in the new card packet has an offer for a $200 bonus when you spend $1,000 or more within 90 days. This offer should already be activated on the new card. But I’m not sure if replacement cards have this new offer.

Let me know if you have received one of these Bank of America credit cards in the mail and if the offer was included.


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