Santander Bank, $20 monthly bonus plus $20 referrals

Santander Bank is still offering $20 for the extra20 checking and savings accounts. Now they also offer a $20 referral bonus when you refer a friend through their email. You can read about the offer here at an earlier post from this year. I already have the account and I’m collecting $20 a month, about $120 in total so far. I also just used the referral for my wife and just set up another account. So that will make it an easy, recurring $40 monthly payment.

extra20 Checking Santander

3 thoughts on “Santander Bank, $20 monthly bonus plus $20 referrals

  1. This is one of the best offers. I have been getting the $20 monthly on 3 accounts. I heard last month that they were cracking down on “direct deposits” that weren’t quite really dd’s, but I haven’t had any problems yet.

    Let’s hope it goes on forever 🙂

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