Santander Bank extra20 Checking $20 a month ($240 a year) bonus

Santander Bank is still offering the $20 bonus per month($240 a year) with their extra20 checking account when you have direct deposit of $1,500 or more and do 2 billpays per month.  It’s the first bank in the United States that pay customers $20 every month just for banking. To qualify for the $20 monthly bonus, customers must open an extra20 checking and a linked extra20 savings account, make direct deposits of at least $1,500 to their checking account each month and pay two bills or more each month using Santander’s online bill pay service. Customers who direct deposit $1,500 or more but do not pay bills through the online service will receive a $10 monthly bonus. Monthly bonuses will be deposited into customers’ extra20 savings accounts. It’s a soft pull.

extra20 Checking Santander

Santander Bank $240 Bonus for Checking and Savings

  • Sign up Offer
  • Account Type: extra20 checking and extra20 savings
  • Availability: Deal is nationwide. Branches are in CT, DE, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, & RI.
  • Expiration Date: none
  • Hard Inquiry: No, just soft pull
  • Opening Deposit Credit Card Funding: Yes, up to $500
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: Yes, $1,500 per month.
  • Monthly Fee:  The $10 monthly fee can be waived for setting up direct deposit of $1,500 or more. First 2 months is free.
  • Additional Requirements:  2 bill pays per month.
  • Closing Account Fee: Yes, there is a $25 early account closing fee for cancelling the account within 90 days of opening.

5 thoughts on “Santander Bank extra20 Checking $20 a month ($240 a year) bonus

  1. I read a while back that they were cracking down on “direct deposits”. You think it’s still worth applying for this one, or better go with the 150 bonus?

    • The $20 monthly bonus still works just fine.

      I can’t really say if one bonus is better than the other. With the extra20 checking you’ll need about 8 months to receive $160 and you’ll need to have about $1500 tied up.

      The $150 bonus you can get it in 4 months and waive fees with $750.

  2. Reblogged this on Danny the Deal Guru and commented:

    I’ll just mention the Santander Bank offer again, since I just received my two $10 deposits for the month. It is a steady $20 a month that will bring in $240 a year, with an investment of just over $1500. That’s a 16% return.

    I don’t make any commission on this, but it is a good deal worth mentioning more than once.

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