RevU Offering Triple Bonuses on Swagbucks, Check Out Some Moneymaking Deals

RevU Offering Triple Bonuses on Swagbucks

RevU Offering Triple Bonuses on Swagbucks

Revenue Universe, or RevU, is a a digital advertising platform that usually offers moneymaking bonuses through Swagbucks and MyPoints. Currently RevU is offering triple points on several offers, which makes this a good time to check for opportunities to make some easy cash.

Just go to the Discover section, and you should see RevU there. Once you click through, you can see some of these deals (100 Swagbucks are worth about $1):

  • LifeLock (5,550 16,650 SB bonus)
  • Stash (3,750 11,250 SB bonus)
  • SoFi Invest (3,750 11,250 SB bonus)
  • Acorns (1,950 5,850 SB bonus)
  • Robinhood (1,800 5,400 SB bonus)

There are also some bonuses for gambling companies, games and other subscriptions.

Read more about how Swagbucks works and sign up now if you don’t have an account. You can sign up for MyPoints here as well. Both sites usually offer profitable deals.


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