Shopping Portal RebatesMe is NOT Shutting Down, Watch Out for Phishing Scam

RebatesMe Shutting Down

Shopping Portal RebatesMe is NOT Shutting Down

Over the last few days, some RebatesMe users have been received emails and text messages saying that the shopping portal is shutting down in September. These emails and test messages further ask for the user to either reply to the message directly, or to click on the link provided so that their account balance can be closed. The text messages I received, also mention that “Topcashback and Ebates will help you.”

“PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO OR CLICK ON ANY LINK PROVIDED IN THESE ‘TERMINATION’ EMAILS,” RebatesMe warns. These messages were NOT sent by RebatesMe and are an attempt to get users to hand over their account information. RebatesMe also confirmed by email that the website is not shutting down in September.

In a later email, RebatesMe also says that “while it is possible that your email or phone number linked to your RebatesMe account may have been compromised, please note that no credit card or payment information has been stolen. RebatesMe DOES NOT save any payment information from our users.”

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If you were sent one of these emails and have concerns about your account, please contact RebatesMe at:

3 thoughts on “Shopping Portal RebatesMe is NOT Shutting Down, Watch Out for Phishing Scam

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  2. Well my email with the headline you have sounded like non-news. I was bored and thought I would look into it as I wondered if there were rumors. Glad I looked at the article.
    I would sincerely suggest you edit the title to warn folks of the actual issue, as it is a text phishing attack.
    Nothing in the title got me concerened.And this is a big deal. Much bigger than the title conveys currently. I almost ignored clicking the email and reading this helpful information. So thank you!

    • Good point, I’ll update. I was concerned that they were actually shutting down, because I have a balance that I need to withdraw.

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