RebatesMe, Increased $10 Signup Bonus

Update: Now $15

If you often check Cashback Monitor for the best shopping portal rates, then you probably have noticed the RebatesMe in there. They often come up at the top of the list. They are relatively new and I’ve used them a bit in the last few months.

rebatesme signup bonus

When I signed up they had a $5 bonus. Now they are offering $10 as a signup bonus (and $10 for every referral). Unlike some other cashback sites, the bonus doesn’t come with any requirements. It was deposited in my account immediately and it’s already payable.

As per their FAQ section, it may take up to 2 business days to confirm your payment information. Then you will receive your money in 48 hours for Paypal, one week for Credit Card.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

The portal is relatively new, but it’s worth signing up for the $10 bonus at least. Then you’ll probably notice them offering good rates on some merchants.

Let me know if you have used RebatesMe in the past.

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