Pricing Error? $4 Off Any Order At Costco

[DEAD] is intentionally or not, giving $4 off per order when you add anything to your cart. For example $25 Costco Cash Gift Card will be $21 in your cart or a $8.99 4-Pack of black socks will be $4.99 in your cart.


Break up your purchases in small amounts and get $4 of every order. As many orders as you want. This will probably not last very long, but the orders might also be canceled later.

Or you can look for cheap items that you might need like office supplies.

The website is very slow right now, so it will take a while for pages to load. You’ll see the $4 discount when you go to your cart.

HT: dansdeals

10 thoughts on “Pricing Error? $4 Off Any Order At Costco

  1. deaddd 🙁 bought two $25 gcs for $21 each

    now site is working fine but there’s no more discounts. few bucks to start the day. not bad

    thanks danny!!

  2. haha I got those socks that you posted since I didn’t know what to look for. Didn’t really need socks but couldn’t let go. A buck a pair is not bad at all though.

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