Passenger Astonishes Researchers by Not Moving AT ALL During 17-hour Qantas Flight

A passenger on Qantas’ newly launched 17-hour non-stop flight from Perth to London has amazed aviation experts. His feat? Not moving for the entire flight, not even one step, not even to use the bathroom.

The man’s incredible endurance was discovered by the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney, which used wearable special devices to monitor activity on the journey. Amazed researchers even double-checked the equipment which was attached to the passengers wrists and thighs to make sure there was no mistake.

passenger 17 hour qantas flight

There is a good explanation though.┬áThe man was flying business class and said he was so comfy he had little reason to get up from his chair – which turns into a bed during the flight.

The Qantas flight, hosted on the 787-9 Dreamliner, made history as the first non-stop commercial flight between Australia and Britain. It featured special cabin lighting, temperature, meal timing and a menu to increase passenger comfort per Daily Mail. And I guess it worked too well for the record breaking gentleman.

What’s your in-flight routine? Do you get up and move around? Can you can such a long flight without ever using the bathroom? Let us know if you have a similar personal record!

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