No-Fee Visa Gift Cards For Beneficial Bank Customers (NJ, PA)

Beneficial Bank, which has branches in NJ and PA is offering Beneficial Visa Gift Cards that can be used just like a credit card or debit card, and – a special perk for Beneficial customers only – have no purchase fee. This card is issued by Beneficial Bank under license from VISA. You can find your nearest location here if you leave in the area.

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No-Fee Visa Gift Cards

Guru’s Wrap-Up

I’m not familiar with the bank and I’m not sure how the process is for purchasing these gift cards, or what limitations they have, if any. The no fee cards are only available to Beneficial Bank customers only, so if you opened an account with their bonus offer that just expired you could go to a branch and check it out. Otherwise, you can wait till this bonus comes back.

4 thoughts on “No-Fee Visa Gift Cards For Beneficial Bank Customers (NJ, PA)

  1. I found similar offers from my local banks and CUs the past two months but got disappointed that it’s cash ONLY which is taken out of one’s account. Useless for MS purposes.

    It’ll be interesting to find out if there are banks that accept credit cards for fee free VGCs, that’s a certified unicorn!

    • Well, that’s the hope. I’ve just noticed these offers on some bank’s websites, and I’ve posted a few. But more times than not they’re cash only I believe. Hopefully someone finds that unicorn tho 🙂

      • I won’t be surprised and I expect those who find such unicorn to keep it to themselves or else, once it is shared online, it won’t last long. This is the current state of MS these days.

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