News Roundup: More Moviepass Issues, bad Credit Cards, Alexa Gone Wild and More

This is a list of news from around the web which I came across in the last few days. I found these articles interesting and somewhat related to the content you regularly see here at Danny the Deal Guru. If you come across any interesting articles, please send them my way.

News Roundup

MoviePass Subscribers Can’t Cancel Account in App

There’s always some new issue with MoviePass. Now, some upset MoviePass subscribers say they have tried to cancel and the app didn’t let them. MoviePass is desperate to keep as many subscribers as possible, so this is not very surprising. Read more here.

Deferred Interest Credit Card Promotions Are Not a Good Idea

As you do your holiday shopping, you will surely see lots of offers to sign up for store cards. Some advertise no interest for a period of time, but that’s not always true. It’s always best to do your research. Read more here.

Alexa Gone Wild

New research is helping Alexa mimic human banter and talk about almost anything she finds on the internet. However, ensuring she does not offend users has been a challenge. Telling Alexa “let’s chat” could get creepy real quick. Read more here.

Get Paid to Travel

Noken, a brand new travel startup, wants to pay you to explore the world, specifically Iceland, Japan, and Portugal, as their first-ever Cultural Exploration Officer (or CEO). Not the most exotic destinations, but they are paying you so even if you have already been there, it’s worth visiting for a second time. But first you need to get hired. Read more here.

Air Italy Launching Flights To Chicago And Toronto

Air Italy has announced two new North American destinations for 2019. From May next year, the up and coming carrier will serve Toronto and Chicago with multiple flights per week. That should stir up the feud between Qatar Airways and US carriers once again. Read more here.

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