Southwest Testing New Boarding Procedures, Poor Man’s First Class, Man Arrested on United Flight

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News Roundup

This is a roundup of news and other interesting pieces that I’ve come across over the last few days. Normally these are travel or finance related.

China Airlines restores daily service between Ontario, California, and Taipei

China Airlines will fully restore daily round-trip service between Southern California’s Ontario International Airport (ONT) and Taipei beginning March 26, 2023, ONT officials announced.

Southwest Airlines Testing Major Boarding Process Changes

Southwest has been testing a number of boarding innovations in Atlanta at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Its innovation team has actually been using four of its 18 gates at the very busy airport to field-test new ideas.

‘Poor man’s first class’ flight hack

A TikToker has gone viral with a so-called “flight hack” about how airplane passengers can sneakily get an entire row of seats for themselves. While some thought it was clever, it also received backlash, as viewers debated how ethical or effective it was. In the video shared on February 22, the creator @ndainternet advises viewers to buy an entire row of fully-refundable tickets — and then refund two out of the three tickets 45 minutes before boarding. According to his logic, airlines won’t have enough time to resell those tickets, and the customer will have a luxurious empty row to themselves.

Man arrested after trying to open airplane door, stab United flight attendant

A Massachusetts man has been charged after authorities say he tried to open an emergency exit door, then attempted to stab a flight attendant repeatedly during a cross-country flight on Sunday. Francisco Severo Torres, 33, of Leominster, faces one count of “interference and attempted interference with flight crew members and attendants using a dangerous weapon,” according to a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

One of Manhattan’s Oldest Small Hotels Offered For Sale

Built in 1841, the Incentra Village House was one of the first hotels in the city of New York. It is still in high demand today, as the only remaining guest house right in the center of the Greenwich Village Historic District, the most desirable area of downtown Manhattan. It opened its doors long before other historic hotels such as the Plaza, the Carlyle, or the St. Regis – all built decades later. The Incentra was – and still is – a private guesthouse for independent travelers.

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