Get Instant Notifications For Time Sensitive Deals From Danny the Deal Guru

Get Instant Notifications For Time Sensitive Deals

I post a lot of deals here at Danny the Deal Guru, and hopefully some of these posts help readers out to either make money, save money or even better, have a great experience that’s worth even more. Most of the deals are not really time sensitive, so it’s not an issue if you’re caught up at work and you see a post a few hours later.

However, there’s some deals such as gift card discounts, great sales or mistake fares, that are time sensitive and die out very quickly. If you don’t jump on them right away, you’ll miss out.

Instant Notifications

For that reason, I added a push notifications option to the website. It notifies you in real time when a new post goes up. You can click notification to go to the full post or just close it if it’s not something that interests you.

To sign up for notifications:

  • Click the bell icon in the lower right corner (open the site in an incognito window if you don’t see it)
  • Click Allow near address bar

Once you complete those two steps, you’ll receive a “thank you” notification, which is the same type of notifications that you will see for every new post.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

I think this could be useful to many readers and if you get tired of them, you can also turn them off. It also might be redundant to sign up for push notifications if you already subscribe to emails and check those regularly or you just visit the site often.

Just keep in mind that you should turn these notifications on in the device where you prefer to get them. If you want to get them at work, then turn them on at your work desktop. It has to be done separately for each computer, tablet or cell phone. I won’t send a notification for all new posts, so I don’t bother you all day long. I only send these notification for good deals that are time sensitive.

Here are the other options to keep in touch with the latest news and deals:

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