News Roundup: Google Rescues Miles, How to Win the Lottery, New Tokyo Hotel, MoviePass Unlimited & Is Costco Worth It?

This is a list of news from around the web which I came across in the last few days. I found these articles interesting and somewhat related to the travel and deal content you regularly see here at Danny the Deal Guru. Sometimes just interesting and not related at all, but I hope you enjoy them just the same. If you come across any interesting articles, please send them my way.
News Roundup

How Google Assistant Saved My 20K Expiring Alaska Airlines Miles

One of the benefits of Android is the tighter integration with Google Assistant and it is awesome. Last night Google popped up a notification informing me of the expiring miles. The notification lead me directly into Gmail and into that Award Wallet email. Read more here.

Retired Michigan couple wins $26 million in the lottery over nine years

Who said you don’t need math in real life? A retired Michigan couple won $26 million playing the lottery by using “basic arithmetic.” Read more here.

Aircraft cabin-style hotel to open in Tokyo Dome City on March 15

“Cabin style” accommodations simulate a flight experience, with first class, business class, and premium economy class “cabin” compartments as well as a main lounge room. The first class cabin has a bed and a small bedside table with a bit of space to move around. Read more here.

MoviePass Is Bringing Back the Unlimited Plan

MoviePas is still around and trying to hang to life. Looks like they’re thinking of bringing back the unlimited plan which made them famous. Not many details besides that though. Read more here.

This Cult-Favorite Costco Perk Pays for the Membership Fee—Twice

On average, Costco gasoline is about 21 cents less per gallon than their direct competition, ranking it among the top lowest-priced fuel brands in the game. And since Americans use an average of 656 gallons of gasoline every year, which—according to our calculations—means switching to Costco fuel could save you around $137 per year. Read more here.

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